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This is a very brief demo for basic familiarity with Spark, notebooks, and Databricks.  

We are going to import a python notebook that also has some SparkSQL cells.  The actual .ipynb file should be imported the day before and tested.  This will build all of the OUT cells and cache them.  

All instructions are in the notebook file.  Feel free to edit accordingly.  

## build and start a new cluster

* doesn't matter if premium or standard or serverless
* node size doesn't matter
* it's probably best to build the cluster a day before the demo, then "terminate it, then restart it an hour before the demo
  * in fact, you can use the "Start" process as a part of the demo to show how fast it is to restart a terminated cluster
  * it takes about 5 mins to restart a cluster, so plan accordingly

## Import the demo notebook


* Download it locally
* Click the Workspace button
* Right click your user and choose import