Commit 83507252 authored by Dave Wentzel's avatar Dave Wentzel

Updated IOPS definition

parent acd25c61
......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ BEGIN
if datediff (hh,COALESCE(@nowprev,'1/1/1980'),@now) > @PollingInterval
--Disk Latencies and io_stalls
--(num_of_reads + num_of_writes/Time since last sample) = IOPS
INSERT INTO PerformanceCollector.IOStalls (CurrTime, ServerName, DbName, FileType, num_of_writes,
num_of_reads, num_of_bytes_written, num_of_bytes_read, io_stall_write_ms, io_stall_read_ms,
io_stall, ReadLatency, WriteLatency, Latency, Drive,PhysicalFileName)
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