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This book will be THE GOTO book for Data Scientists and DBAs to reference for all new data science projects using SQL Server and R.
# Pitch
SQL Server 2016 released a new feature where R can be integrated directly into the database engine. This is actually a mature feature, Microsoft bought Revolution Analytics R Server product about a year ago and is integrating it into many of its products. The RevoR product is lightyears ahead of Open Source R in that it handles low-memory conditions and parallelism where Open Source R does not.
......@@ -16,3 +14,7 @@ Since first-to-market is critical I don’t want this book to be lengthy. But I
Data scientists traditionally connect to a data source and either run R code against it \(if it is R Server\), or more commonly, use RStudio to connect to the data source to retrieve data to their laptop for analysis. This will not scale and I have a real world example to prove that. We’ll then take that R code and manipulate it a bit to show how this can be used in SQL Server R Services where it will scale.
I want to have a lot of these examples.
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