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	SQL Server R Services : Integrates R into SQL Server’s  database engine natively. ScaleR is available in Enterprise Edition only though. 
	Microsoft R Open

	In 2016, Microsoft bought Revolution Analytics, which is built around R and provides both an open source (Revolution R Open) and commercial (Revolution R Enterprise) development platform for R. Hea
Note that the very bottom option is something new. It says  New R Server (Standalone) installation. You would select this option if you only wanted to install R Server as either a server (standalone,  self-contained data analysis server, in other words) or a client (manipulating data from a remote SQL  Server R Services installation). Note that you need the SQL Server 2016 services running as well, so this would be to add R services to an existing SQL Server 2016 installation.

Do you see that? Twenty new user accounts were created during installation and each of them are specifically created to interact with R Services. These 20 accounts are added to a new Group called SQLRUserGroup<instance_ name>, where <instance_name> is the name of your instance. So in my case, my group is named SQLRUserGroupSQL2016RS. If you followed this naming convention, yours will be named that as well.

The way that this is configured, we can work just fine from this server. We don’t need to define anything else or add any other user accounts, since we have already verified that R is working correctly in the database. Microsoft has some pretty good articles about how to configure the database instance to accept R scripts from external developers, which essentially entails adding the SQLRUserGroupSQL2016RS group as a new login in SQL Server. That way, when a user connects to the database instance to run R scripts, one of those 20 new user accounts is used to execute the script through the Launchpad service on behalf of the user. Microsoft has dubbed this  implied authentication, since a user in the group would then be able to access SQL Server R Services remote