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This book will be THE GOTO book for Data Scientists and DBAs to reference for all new data science projects using SQL Server and R.
# Pitch
SQL Server 2016 released a new feature where R can be integrated directly into the database engine. This is actually a mature feature, Microsoft bought Revolution Analytics R Server product about a year ago and is integrating it into many of its products. The RevoR product is lightyears ahead of Open Source R in that it handles low-memory conditions and parallelism where Open Source R does not.
I work for Microsoft and all of my customers want to use this, but they don’t understand how it works. There are no books on the marketplace (yet) about how to use this new feature correctly. I want this book to be first-to-market. I want it to cover the topics that are valuable to both a DBA and a Data Scientist. These two groups must work together to make this a success. However, they are diametrically opposed at most companies. This book will be geared to show how these two skillsets can work together to build solutions.
I don’t want this book to be a comprehensive list of R recipes, however, some basic recipes are needed/valued. R recipes are better left to a book specifically about R recipes. Instead, this book would be more about taking an existing R recipe and making it work within SQL Server.
Since first-to-market is critical I don’t want this book to be lengthy. But I also want it to be a book that is referenced many years from now. I want this book to be THE GO TO BOOK regarding how DBAs and Data Scientists can and should work together to build integrated solutions.
# Example Real world Use Case
Data scientists traditionally connect to a data source and either run R code against it (if it is R Server), or more commonly, use RStudio to connect to the data source to retrieve data to their laptop for analysis. This will not scale and I have a real world example to prove that. We’ll then take that R code and manipulate it a bit to show how this can be used in SQL Server R Services where it will scale.
I want to have a lot of these examples.
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