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updated SHELL procedure and

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......@@ -19,3 +19,7 @@ For a noo
- there is a section to place custom TRACER TOKEN code. You need to code this. This would be similar to replication's tracer token feature. Essentially you code a "test" message that flows through your workflow and you monitor it to see if it runs to completion and if not where it failed.
- has an option for STALLED MESSAGE CLEANOUT. This removes old conversations that you deem as not needed that are not in the CLOSED state. This is useful in dev envs where you changed some activator code and the queues failed and there are a bunch of useless messages. Probably not good to run this on a production db.
This is a "pattern" I use for each new SSB "module" that I need to deploy. It helps ensure everything is reliably and consistently configured and easy to debug.
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