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## AI Envisioning Workshop
* Dave Wentzel
* [](
Link to the slide decks:
* [Welcome/Intro](./slides/01-Intro.pptx)
* [The Technology of Data Science](./slides/02-Tech.pptx)
* [click for more information on the demos and _Thinking Like a Data Scientist_](
### Smart&Pool Demo
This is a little demo that shows the Art of the Possible for AI and ML for a retailer of swimming pool supplies.
* first we use satellite imagery to look for the presence of swimming pools
* we can then note whether this is a "false positive" or we can add it to our leads
Password: @aA123456789
### Classical ML Walkthrough
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## Supplementary Information for "Technology of AI"
* [Thinking Like a Data Scientist Using Jupyter Notebooks](
This is a public Jupyter notebook that you can use to learn more about Jupyter notebooks and _Thinking Like a Data Scientist_
* [Loan Chargeoff Demo Using Jupyter](
This is a classical ML (logistic regression) demo using a common, easy-to-understand use case.
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